Tommy is an enterprise solution for companies which require automatization when it comes to timesheets, workforce management, payments etc.

Everything design based was set upon me and I had a lot of fun learning new aspects of digital design. But focus was definitely on creating screens from hand drawings and creating assets for developers.

I started with creating on-boarding graphics for mobile app, but soon got involved with creating screens from hand drawings (mobile app, add-on's, website, web store for add-ons), marketing materials (brochures, roll-up banners, presentations for potential clients, showcase presentations etc.), design guide for project, whole icon set.

The employer is satisfied with my work overall and I am glad to say that I helped Tommy come out of beta to soon be launched. This amazing startup got its first funding and will soon see the light of day.

Showcasing small portion of work tasks and results. More details can be shared in person.

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